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Training Ace for Catholic grammar school for girls

Berlin, 23rd November, 2010. Today the Kloster Wald Boarding School in Baden-Württemberg was awarded the prize of Training Ace 2010 in the category, educational initiatives. In total, more than 200 companies and initiatives have applied for the coveted award, which was awarded for the 14th time by the Business Juniors Germany, the Juniors of the Crafts, and INTER Insurance Group.

Persuasive for the jury was the model in which the students in Kloster Wald also complete their first apprenticeship within the school programme. Starting with the 9th class, they can receive practical training one afternoon a week in the tailoring, wood sculpture or carpentry workshops. The double qualification, high school diploma plus journeyman certification is, for the pupils, an important expansion of the learning experience, and is proving to be a solid foundation for further professional career development.

With the Training Ace, companies and initiatives are recognised for their engagement in special strategies for the training and development of young people. The prize is awarded in three categories: crafts, industry-trade services, and educational initiatives. The patron is the German Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Rainer Brüderle. The media partner is the 'Wirtschaftscurier.'

The award was presented by Jürgen M. Luke, Chief Sales Officer of INTER Insurance Group, Walter Herre, National Executive Member of Business Juniors Germany, and Frank Berting, National Chairman of the Juniors of the Crafts.

Ms. Diana Kempf, Director of training workshops and Ms. Veronika Ruther, Trainer, accepted the prize in Berlin. From the Chamber of Handicrafts Reutlingen, Acting Chief Executive, Mr. Neth, made a special trip to Berlin in order to pay tribute to the Kloster Wald Boarding School and deliver recognition from the Chamber.

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