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Educational offering

Already in Class 4 the students experience and practice the basics of self-responsible learning. Projects on "learning to learn" and "Social learning in the group" build on this competence in class 5.

Those who start in Class 5 with the two languages Latin and English, can complement them starting in class 8 with either French as a third language or 'science & technology.' The second option, to begin with English and French in class 5, results in options for Class 8 of Latin as a third language, or 'Science & Technology.'

In the classes 5-7, the students also choose a one-hour elective from the extra-curricular activities. Music is taught in these grade levels. Students may choose from group instruction on stringed instruments, or vocal class. As a supplement, the students of all grade levels participate in a multifaceted range of open group activities, including various choirs, instrumental music, string orchestra, the school band, sports, theater, crafts and much more. Numerous projects, excursions and study trips are, naturally, also part of the school offering. Homework help, tutoring and recreational activities are available in the afternoon until 17:30 - in the after-school care programme, open to all external students from the 5th to the 9th grade - after lunch in the cafeteria.

At Kloster Wald, we provide a quiet but lively learning environment for teaching and training, with manageable class sizes and efficient study groups. Both the technical equipment of the school (Internet workstations for students, computer room, numerous projectors, DVD and video devices, etc.), as well as the competence of teachers, educators and masters of crafts, form the basis for successful teaching and learning.

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