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Educating the head, heart, and hand

This expectation of a holistic education of each person - formulated by Pestalozzi - has been implemented in an extraordinary way in Kloster Wald, ever since its founding by the Benedictine nuns of the Holy Lioba.

In addition to a demanding eight-year upper secondary course of education, the girls complete a artisanal vocational training, which they conclude half a year after their a levels, with a certificate of apprenticeship. The communal life, cooperation and shared learning in the classroom, boarding school, and workshop is characterized by the Christian tradition of the founders. In social interaction, and while celebrating the services and festivals of the church calendar, faith is passed naturally to the next generation.

In Kloster Wald many generations and professions live together. In the diversity of this coexistence responsibility and self-confidence is encouraged. The central commitment is to the welfare of the girls, combined with the challenge to help them grow into confident, educated young women with an orientation toward Christian values. We anticipate that they will in turn take on responsibility in many areas of our society.

The solidarity with one another that arises during the school years, extends well beyond this phase of their lives. This can be seen in our many contacts and periodic meetings with older previous graduates.

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