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Acquisitions and support from the Kloster Wald Boarding School's development association 

New grand piano for the sports hall

Visitors at the Laetare Concert listened amazed from the very first piano solo. As Headmistress Anita Haas proudly explained, instead of the expected sound of the old piano in the gym, now the noble sounds emerged from a black showpiece.

Just in time for Laetare, a grand piano had been purchased, primarily funded by the Friends of Kloster Wald. The proud sum of 7,500 euros was reached in the second kitchen festival. Top chefs in the region, who are fathers of students from our school, had provided their cooking skills in the service of this good cause, enabling the purchase of the grand piano. The Friends of Kloster Wald contributed an additional 7,500 euros. Board member Susanne Held presented the check to the headmistress at the end of the concert.

The excellent pianists of the Laetare Concert demonstrated the value of this new acquisition. For the first time, with this high quality instrument, the nuances of each stroke have become audible. The performances have become feasts for the ears.

Judith Hermann

Patio furniture

On warm spring and summer days, the students love to take their lunch in front of the cafeteria on the bank of the pond. This has only been possible since the first cooking festival at the school; the money raised was used for the purchase of patio chairs and tables. The older girls sit at these tables often in the afternoon, working on assignments, or chatting with friends.

Choral and orchestral rehearsal days

When the choir, orchestra and school band members return to Ochsenhausen of their rehersal days, they are always full of praise for this facility. However, the accommodation in the Baden-Württemberg State Music Academy would be too expensive for many students, had not the Friends of Kloster Wald taken over a portion of the costs. These rehersal days are needed for ensuring the expected quality in performances.

Study trips to Rome and Berlin, class outings

The sixth-form pupils can explain from their own experience what enrichment and broadening are brought by the study trips to Berlin and Rome. And the younger students experience the benefits a field trip brings to the community spirit of the school. However, not all students have the financial means to afford such a trip. So that no one will miss such a chance, trip subsidies can be requested from the association.

Religious retreats

Religious retreats are part of our school profile. Because emphasis is placed on the participation of all students in a class, and the financial resources of the parents should not be overstrained, the Friends of Kloster Wald support the retreats financially.

School bus

The eight-seater is in daily use. Two drivers alternate their weekly driving responsibility. They bring students to medical appointments and sporting activities. Since the school is remote, and the pursuit of hobbies is an important balance to study, the school bus brings the students to Mengen, Sigmaringen, Überlingen, Salem and Beuren. Of the students who are driven to the orthodontist for gymnastics, ballet, horse riding, tennis, rowing and football games, none are aware that the association paid for the bus. But they certainly tell others about their hobbies and describe enthusiastically their favorite horses. And how do they find the bus? "Quite funny actually," says a student appreciatively.

Judith Hermann

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