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"Sr. Sophia OSB" Foundation             

For the Support of artisanal training at the Heimschule Kloster Wald

Who was Sister Sophia?

Sr. Sophia von Kotschoubey-Beauharnais OSB founded the Kloster Wald Boarding School with Sr. Lioba Korte and several other sisters in 1946, after the 2nd World War.
Sr. Sophia was Director of the Kloster Wald Boarding School from 1946 to 1973.
She laid the foundations for the workshop training at the boarding school in conjunction with masters of the craft trades. She was a dedicated representative of the 'girls' school' model and a committed educator, who held a deep belief in Christian education of young people in the Benedictine spirit. The artisanal training was important to her as a realization of the educational goal of Pestalozzi: "Education of the head, heart and hand."


 The "Schwester Sophia OSB" Foundation

is a charitable foundation that was established in the fall of 2000.
It has the following goals:

  • in the spirit of Sister Sophia OSB to support the artisanal training workshops financially,
  • to allow in some cases, through scholarships, students to receive training in the workshops.

Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.
You can support the foundation through donations or endowments.
We will happily provide additional information about the Foundation, upon request.
Bank account of the Foundation:

"Sr. Sophia OSB. Wald":
BW-Bank in Singen
BIC: SOLADEST600 (Stuttgart)


If you want to support our projects financially, you can do that receiving a certificate of donation on the following accounts:

For the workshop training:
Account of the Foundation

"Sr. Sophia OSB"
BW-Bank in Singen
IBAN: DE48600501017485503936
BIC: SOLADEST600 (Stuttgart) 

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