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The Kloster Wald Boarding School was significantly influenced by the sisters from 1946 to 1994. Some were actively involved in teaching and in the residence, others worked in the administration and in home economics departments of the operation.

But even now, as the number of sisters has declined, they are still connect with the school, residence, the workshop and parts of the whole operation which interest them, and take part in the events and meetings of the school community. They inspire the house through their presence and support the staff and the students with their prayers.

Even during the holidays, when school and residence are closed, the house is lively, the Convent celebrates the festivals of the liturgical year together at the monastery: Christmas, Easter, Pentecost. It is a "house of God", as it is written on a column of Jenners.

The daily choral prayer and the holy mass are at the heart of their monastic life. From there, the sisters wish, flow blessings to the whole community.

This school was founded through faith in God in very difficult times. God protect it further!

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