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After-school care programme

The after-school care center is an educational, family-oriented supplementary school facility for external students in classes 4 - 9. It covers lunch, homework supervision, tutoring in consultation with the relevant teachers, and recreational activities from Monday to Friday from 12:15 until 17:15. The time depends on the relevant bus times of the pupils or pick-up times of the parents.

The after-school care programme is not a day school; there are no classes and no tuition. The girls can visit programme between three and five days per week. The registration is valid for one school year.

Priorities of the pedagogical work are:

  • Conveying a positive attitude towards school, learning, and life
  • Learning to take care of homework as a natural part of each day
  • Practising social behaviours, such as considerateness and mutual aid
  • Taking on service to the community
  • The ability to recognize things as common property and to deal with them accordingly.

The regulated daily routine, clear rules of conduct, competent contact partners and playmates support these learning processes, convey the feeling of being a respected member of a community and strengthen self-esteem and independence of students.

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