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Teaching concept

Our school is a home. The Kloster Wald grammar school was founded in 1946 as a state-recognized high school for girls, and it has since grown and in connection with the region. The school, in historic monastery buildings, provides students with a place of productive peace, individual attention and optimal conditions for a successful academic path, in combination with a craft training in its own workshops. The girls conclude their schooling with a high school graduation and a craft apprenticeship diploma.

We are committed to the education of responsible, critical and discerning young people, helping them develop a high degree of personal and social responsibility. The school's course offerings meet the state curricula requirements of Baden-Württemberg. It goes without saying that we orient the education to the individual talents, abilities and skills of the students. This applies to the entire path along which we accompany them - from the fourth grade of elementary school through high school. It is a matter of pedagogical interest for us that no student be under- or over-challenged, if possible, and we are pleased to note the low number of students who choose to leave the school.

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